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ASK AN ASTRONAUT libro de 247 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Ciencias Humanas, escritas por el escritor TIM PEAKE , 2017 financiado por la editoral UK TIME WARNER

  • Paginas 247
  • ISBN 9780316512787
  • Autor TIM PEAKE , 2017
  • Categoria Ciencias Humanas
  • Editorial UK TIME WARNER

Sinopsis del libro ASK AN ASTRONAUT en castellano

Was it fun doing a spacewalk?

How crushed were you in the capsule on the way back?

What were your feelings when you first looked down on Earth?

Have you ever been afraid?

Where are we headed? The moon, Mars or beyond?

Based on his historic mission to the International Space Station, Ask an Astronaut is Tim Peake's guide to life in space, and his answers to the thousands of questions he has been asked since his return to Earth.

With explanations ranging from the mundane - how you do your laundry or go to the bathroom while in orbit - to the deep - what's the point - all written in Tim's characteristic warm style, Tim shares his thoughts on every aspect of space exploration.

From mission training to launch, through his historic spacewalk, to re-entry, he reveals to readers of all ages the cutting-edge science behind his innovative experiments and the wonders of everyday life aboard the International Space Station.

The audience was invited to submit questions using the hashtag #askanastronaut, and a selection is answered by Tim in the book, accompanied by illustrations, diagrams and photos never before seen.


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