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BONASTRUC, EL JUEU libro de 448 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Narrativa histórica, escritas por el escritor MIQUEL FAÑANAS , 2017 financiado por la editoral COLUMNA EDICIONS S.A.

  • Paginas 448
  • ISBN 9788466422222
  • Autor MIQUEL FAÑANAS , 2017
  • Categoria Narrativa histórica

Sinopsis del libro BONASTRUC, EL JUEU en castellano

Bonastruc Ça Porta, the splendor of Jewish thought.

One hot day in 1202, Mossé ben Nahman is going to be forced to witness his father's friend, Jafudà ben Rovén, come to see him as a friend.

This terrible experience will mark the life of those who will be most in love with the Christian name of Bonastruc ça Porta.

The Rabbi, a Kabbalist, philosopher and Gironian metre, will maintain a special relationship with King James I in order to end the point that this will require him to follow the defender of the Hebrew religious theses in the Dispute of Barcelona, with the conversant Pau Cristià and the Dominican brother Raimon de Penyafort as his opponents.

The wars against the Sarrians, the conquest of Mallorca and Valencia, the marriages of the King and his lovers, the warring parties and the assailants with the Jewish Calls for exalted Christians, the violence of the past and the intrigues that emerge from the Episcopal Palace,

These are episodes that draw a complex mosaic of powers and desires that have Bonastruc as the active protagonist of a time and of a country that is still suffering from conquest, domination and influence.


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