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CERDÀ: 150 AÑOS DE MODERNIDAD libro de 319 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Arte, escritas por el escritor FRANCESC MAGRINYA; FERNANDO MARZA , 2017 financiado por la editoral ACTAR D

  • Paginas 319
  • ISBN 9781945150340
  • Categoria Arte
  • Editorial ACTAR D

Sinopsis del libro CERDÀ: 150 AÑOS DE MODERNIDAD en castellano


This book is a tribute to the first modern urban planner and his product: the Eixample, which is today the flourishing and undisputed centre of the Barcelona metropolitan area.

The city of Barcelona, built over the last 150 years with the strength of Ildefons Cerdà's "Reform and Expansion Project" of 1859, is a living testimony to the modernity of a way of thinking and of making a city.

An appreciation of the values of the Eixample that has taken shape in this century and a half allows a better understanding of what it means to plan, design and build a city.

The chapter structure is dedicated to an ordered analysis, first of all, of the elements that articulate the construction of the Eixample - the residential fabric, the grid, the street, the chamfers and the sewers - and then of the blocks and the different configurations associated with the dwelling, the industry, the facilities and the open spaces.

The book focuses intentionally on the Eixample as a whole -what we know as the Eixample of Cerdà- instead of being limited to the Eixample, more central and traditionally associated with modernist architecture.


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