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CONVENIENCE STORE WOMAN libro de 176 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Literatura, escritas por el escritor SAYAKA MURATA , 2018 financiado por la editoral ATLANTIC BOOKS

  • Paginas 176
  • ISBN 9781846276835
  • Autor SAYAKA MURATA , 2018
  • Categoria Literatura
  • Editorial ATLANTIC BOOKS

Sinopsis del libro CONVENIENCE STORE WOMAN en castellano

Keiko never fit in.

In school and college, people find her strange and her family worries that she will never be normal.

To appease them, Keiko takes a job at a newly opened store.

Here, she finds peace and purpose in simple, everyday tasks and routine interactions.

She is, she comes to understand, happier as a convenience store worker.

But in Keiko's social circle it's not right for a single woman to spend all her time stacking shelves and ordering green tea again.

As pressure mounts on Keiko to find a new job or, worse still, a husband, she is forced to take desperate measures...

A best-selling author in Japan and winner of the prestigious Akutagawa Award, Convenience Store Woman marks the English debut of a writer who has been hailed as the most exciting voice of her generation.


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