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GENERAL THEORY OF URBANIZATION 1867 libro de 720 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Arte, escritas por el escritor ILDEFONS CERDA , 2018 financiado por la editoral ACTAR D

  • Paginas 720
  • ISBN 9781945150906
  • Autor ILDEFONS CERDA , 2018
  • Categoria Arte
  • Editorial ACTAR D

Sinopsis del libro GENERAL THEORY OF URBANIZATION 1867 en castellano

First translation into English on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication of the General Theory of Urbanization 1867 by Ildefons Cerdà, an essential work for urban development.

In 1867 Ildefons Cerdà published his "Teoria general de la urbanització".

In this text, the "science of building cities", understood as a phenomenon, became a new discipline with a broad economic, social and cultural impact on the lives of the citizens of the city.

Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of its publication, its first translation into English is presented together with the online publication on with the statistics transformed into interactive graphics and open data, with the aim of broadening knowledge of Cerdà's work and encouraging debate on the process of "urbanisation" in the future.

Co-published with the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in collaboration with the Diputació de Barcelona, the Generalitat de Catalunya through Incasòl.

Bloomberg Philanthropies contributed to the international dissemination of the project.


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