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LIVING IN STYLE LONDON libro de 220 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Arte, escritas por el escritor ANDREAS VON EINSIEDEL , 2017 financiado por la editoral TENEUES VERLAG

  • Paginas 220
  • ISBN 9783961710065
  • Categoria Arte
  • Editorial TENEUES VERLAG

Sinopsis del libro LIVING IN STYLE LONDON en castellano

There is no other European capital where your home is (literally) as precious a possession as in London, a place where your zip code can be a powerful business card.

Anyone who has strolled through the city's various neighborhoods, passed through its modern skyscrapers and entered one of the many Georgian or Victorian buildings will probably have experienced great curiosity, if not envy, for residing in this gentle, historic and modern metropolis.

Living in Style London abounds with examples of stunning design, as readers will see how London interior designers and architects create residences that are perfectly suited to the people who live there, while making optimal use of the space available.

Photographer Andreas von Einsiedel and author Karin Graabaek Helledie, both residents of London, accompany us on a journey through the imposing residential landscape of this historic British city, a place as diverse and varied as its owners.

Renovated industrial lofts, carefully restored terraced houses with light-flooded windows or glass oases with spectacular views of the Thames are presented with informative texts accompanying them, showing the most impressive houses found in the English capital.

Biografia de ANDREAS VON EINSIEDEL , 2017

Andreas Von Einsiendel es fotógrafo de interiores desde hace más de veinte años.

Sus obras tienen una gran repercusión a nivel internacional por el uso exclusivo de la luz natural.

Colabora con prestigiosas revistas como World of Interiors, House & Garden, Architectural Digest, entre otras, y sus reportajes fotográficos han sido publicados en más de veinte libros.


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