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NEW YORK RAMELLI SMALL libro de 176 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Fotografía, escritas por el escritor SERGE RAMELLI , 2017 financiado por la editoral TENEUES VERLAG

  • Paginas 176
  • ISBN 9783832769062
  • Autor SERGE RAMELLI , 2017
  • Categoria Fotografía
  • Editorial TENEUES VERLAG

Sinopsis del libro NEW YORK RAMELLI SMALL en castellano

New York in black and white by master photographer Serge Ramelli New and impressive perspectives of this legendary city Discover the photographic masterpieces of a metropolis of stunning beauty Urban black and white photography has a unique effect: it can give a historical feel or highlight perspectives and surfaces in a special way.

The photos of Serge Ramelli in New York do both, and much more.

With the eye of its film director, it looks for places using parameters that evoke a specific atmosphere and create tension.

The New York skyline or the typical New York street scenes are styled on a stage, but a stage where nothing needs to happen.

It is so impressive that a film automatically plays in the viewer's head.

With New York boasting so much history and evocation, nothing more is needed.

Although he resembles Ansel Adams in technique and expression, Serge Ramelli is a contemporary photographer in every sense of the word, constantly experimenting with new technical options.

After Paris, New York was Serge Ramelli's second installment of his diptych of contemporary urban landscapes, and it is certainly no coincidence that the photographer selected this large city as the subject of his second book.

How could he, the self-taught photographer, fail to pay homage to this, to the city of volunteers, to self-taught men and to the ingenious?

And how could this great film lover have chosen any other backdrop or any other place other than the Big Apple, immortalized by more than a century of legendary filmmaking?

A lover of dramatic images, Serge Ramelli is constantly in search of spectacular lighting, whether natural or artificial, and with its gigantic advertising and eye-catching boards, New York is an almost perfect city for such a hunt.


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