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PORTS libro de 40 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Infantil, escritas por el escritor VICTOR MEDINA , 2017 financiado por la editoral MOSQUITO BOOKS

  • Paginas 40
  • ISBN 9788494561696
  • Autor VICTOR MEDINA , 2017
  • Categoria Infantil
  • Editorial MOSQUITO BOOKS

Sinopsis del libro PORTS en castellano

We think that the ports are the great strangers of our cities.

They pass unnoticed, coverings for monuments, famous places or elegant streets.

But we don't fall completely in love, and we think they're as amazing as some important museums.

They are giants in constant movement, and can tell fantastic stories.

They are also the hotels of the vaixells.

In this book and we invite you to donate the tour to the salty world from port to port, from the youngest and most active buffoons to the most active and people.

Sea ports, fluvial ports, salvage ports, urban ports, sporty ports and market ports...

Víctor Medina has a personal style, very stylized for 50 years, which perfectly combines the fineness of his humour with a delicate and waxy treatment of colour.

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