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THE NIX libro de 640 paginas, escrito en español que trata sobre Literatura, escritas por el escritor NATHAN HILL , 2017 financiado por la editoral PAN MACMILLAN

  • Paginas 640
  • ISBN 9781509807857
  • Autor NATHAN HILL , 2017
  • Categoria Literatura
  • Editorial PAN MACMILLAN

Sinopsis del libro THE NIX en castellano


Nathan Hill's brilliant debut takes the reader from the rural Midwest in the 1960s to New York City during the occupation of Wall Street; from Chicago in 1968 to the Norway of war: home of the mysterious Nix.

Meet Samuel: stagnant writer, boring professor at a local university, obsessive online video game player.

He hasn't seen his mother, Faye, in decades, not since she abandoned her family when he was a child.

Now it has suddenly reappeared, having committed an absurd politically motivated crime that electrifies the nightly news, seduces the Internet and inflames a divided America.

The media portrays Faye as a radical hippie with a sordid past, but as far as Samuel knows, his mother was an ordinary girl who married his high school sweetheart.

Which version of your mother is true?

Two facts are true: he is facing serious charges and needs Samuel's help.

As Samuel begins to excavate his mother's - and his country's - story, he will unexpectedly realize that he has to rethink everything he has ever known about her: a woman with an epic story of her own, a story that has kept the world hidden.

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